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Smart YouTube TV

YouTube client for set-top boxes and Android-based TVs

Nova-days devices like TVs usually have a number of problems with YouTube. This app is intended to fix such flaws


  • 4K support
  • runs without Google Services
  • designed for TV screens
  • stock controller support
  • multilingual search keyboard
  • fully localized




What to Choose?

The Stable version is intended for the general users. Please, try it in the first place. Immediately after start of the Stable version you will see four different launchers: 720, 1080, 4K and 4K alt. They may have different performance depending on the device. Try launchers one by one until you find best one. Also, 4K launchers supports QHD and UHD playback.

Kids version is the video service for early childhood education. More info

MiTV2 and Mystery versions primarily intended for the specific device users but you may try them too.

Add-ons - video output engines. Used in 1080 and 4K alt versions. Download is needed only in case when main app can’t do it automatically.

Found a bug?

All bugs tracked here

Known issues

  • voice search not supported
  • can’t change user region beside the default one




yu.liskov at gmail dot com